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I am always intrigued by bold, daring women who are courageous enough to start anew to get what they want and lead their most fulfilling lives.

Living Her Next Phase shares stories for inspiration and motivation and helps you boldly design your next phase.

Bri Cobb
Founder, Living Her Next Phase

Living Her Next Phase inspires and motivates women through our podcast and signature experiential program. We address the gaps faced by many and provide the solutions to help you be the best version of yourself.

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Sharing stories that will inspire you to define your best next phase and take action to get what you want.

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What Listeners Say

"I absolutely love your voice and topics. You speak about things I'm thinking about. Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency."

Fatima S.

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Meet The Host


Bri is feverishly working on her next phase.

It's not too late for you to do the same.

Bri has disrupted her life a few times to pursue what she felt called to do. From letting go of a successful corporate career to plunge into entrepreneurship to restructuring her business to make room for her most important role, motherhood.


Today, she's inspiring women through her podcast and building a female collective of bold, courageous women living their lives fully. 

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