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Your next phase is yours to create

You've devoted years to raising your children, managing your family and building your career/business. Now it's your time to finally be the priority and uplevel your personal life. 


You have earned the right to do exactly what you've put on hold for years. So do it!    You're in the right place for the inspiration and the motivation to make it happen.

Listen to the Podcast and Get Inspired to Go After What You Want 

Stimulating topics and conversations about living on your terms in this next phase.

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What Listeners Say

"I absolutely love your voice and topics. You speak about things I'm thinking about. Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency."

Fatima S.

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I get it. You've willingly given everything to your family and your kids and now you need to figure out who you are and what you want. You've maintained a career that you've been expected I'm finally in the place of life where I get to do all of the things I've put on hold for years and determine who I want to be today. So, I can relate.


One child finished college and has left the nest and the other just entered college. This is my time to embrace selfish-ism and completely focus on me, without apology.

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