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I'm an entrepreneur, a podcaster, an author, a wife and a mom of two.


I'm dedicated to encouraging women to live the lifestyle they've put on hold for years.


I'm Bri Cobb! 

When you've spent your young adult years raising your children and nurturing your family, at some point, you may yearn for something more, something just for yourself. You can simultaneously be grateful for these blessings and be appreciative of the experiences, yet still know that you are meant for more.

Many women choose careers that will   or abandon the business sector completely.

Now is the time to do what you've put on hold for years and to be who you've suppressed. You've earned it!

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After building a successful corporate brand management career, Bri faced the ultimate choice -- motherhood or career. A five-month stint on bedrest while pregnant with her second child, allowed Bri to be still and reflect on what mattered most to her and her husband. She chose family.


She leaped into entrepreneurship to maintain her skills and work toward her own business goals. It was the perfect opportunity to 

Family always remained the priority and there aren't any regrets. 

I founded Living Her Next Phase, the digital hub of inspiration for the modern, progressive Gen X women to prioritize herself, reinvent herself, embrace selfish-ism and finally do what she's put on hold for years.

She promise to bring to you stimulating and thought-provoking discussions, relevant products and information, inspirational and motivational stories and unique experiences to enhance your life.



Accomplished Branding Expert and Digital Marketing Specialist at my company, HerVisibleBrand. MBA earned, 17 years in the corporate sector in brand management and advertising and 10 years as an entrepreneur. Authored the book, The Wind Blew My Way: An Entrepreneur's Journey Built on Faith.


Married to my college love. Mom of two beautiful, semi-independent kids. Love these people, but gave up a lot for them. Motherhood changed me. Now, I want the old me back -- but better!




New Yorker living in the burbs of New Jersey, but missing the city. Born and raised in New York. First generation American. Parents are Panamanian immigrants.



I interview women who are now living their next phase because their children are somewhat independent and they have more time to focus on themselves. They are starting businesses, changing careers, focusing on health and fitness, dating their spouses again and getting their sexy back. 


My kids will soon leave the nest, so I am planning and living my own next phase -- looking good, feeling great, being at peace, living healthily, having fun, being happy and being fully aligned. Simple and straightforward. 



Didn't know how beautiful my younger body was until I delivered two kids and everything physically changed. In my head, I can get my body back. Haven't been able to do it so far.



I've created this digital hub of inspiration for the modern, progressive woman, who has lived a little, to prioritize herself, embrace "selfish-ism" and finally do what she's put on hold for years. 



LHNP inspires and motivates women through our podcast, digital publication and original programs. We address the issues faced by many and provide the solutions to help you be the best version of yourself.