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A community of
professional women finally ready to socialize, network and live better.

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Next Phase Society socially connects women who aspire to live freely, have fun and engage in unique experiences in this next phase of their lives. They've prioritized their families for years and now that their kids are semi-independent, it's their turn to live their best lives. 

We provide the unique experience you didn't know you needed.

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Personal Development Accelerator:

Message from the Founder:

I created what I needed and I'm sharing it with you!

As the founder of Next Phase Society, I have made it my mission to help women live their healthiest, most beautiful, most motivated and most stylish lives ever. Many of us have the best intentions to be better, but we put the needs of others above ours and never truly take the opportunity to operate at our best.

The journey to living your best life isn't easy, especially if you try to do it alone. You may start out well, but lack of consistency tends to become an issue. 

Next Phase Society will provide you with a unique experience that is supportive and educational and provides accountability.  

Ready to join the inaugural group?


Your Next Phase Awaits You

Time to reach new levels of
self-awareness and growth.

Now is the time to take charge of your health.

Now is the time to get fit.

Now is the time to eat better.

Aren't you ready to finally look and feel your best?

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